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March 6, 2017

How to buy the perfect bike

Impacting down the open street on two wheels or threading the needle on a tight mountain trail is about as near flying as you'll ever get. That is the excellence of the bike, regardless of whether you're into street riding, mountain biking or BMX.

Purchasing another bicycle can be precarious, yet it doesn't need to be that way. Your Gear Guy is here to help with tips for purchasing your next bike.


There are three fundamental sorts of bikes and riding that fit diverse identities and situations:

Street Bike

On the off chance that you have a requirement for speed, a street bicycle is for you. Street bicycles are lightweight with thin tires and typically have up to 30 gears for handling slopes and going quick.

Street bicycles are incredible for riding long separations on cleared streets and multiday bicycle visiting — and, in numerous towns, there are nearby street races.

Street bicycles are typically the most costly kind of bikes, and you can hope to pay at any rate $550 for a decent passage level model.

Mountain Bike

In case you're searching for an overall, do-anything kind of bike, consider a mountain bicycle. Mountain bicycles have greater, more extensive, bumpy tires and heaps of apparatuses for handling slopes and rough territory. Some offer circle brakes for additional ceasing force.

Most mountain bicycles additionally have suspensions, or safeguards, on the front fork (called a "hardtail") and some of the time likewise on the back (called a "full suspension") for a gentler, less demanding ride on truly unpleasant trails. Hardtails are for the most part more strong and require less support.

Mountain bicycles are typically heavier than street bicycles yet are intended to deal with riding on rough, rough trails. They are incredible for riding around your neighborhood, as well, and a few people put smooth tires on their mountain bicycles for urban riding.

Costs for mountain bicycles can shift contingent upon what number of fancy odds and ends they have, yet plan to spend at any rate $400 for a decent quality section level mountain bicycle.

BMX Bike

This stands for "bike motocross," yet nobody calls it that any longer best BMX bicycles are worked with littler edges and are intended for everything from doing free-form traps in the city to riding in skate parks to hustling and bouncing on motocross-style courses.

These bicycles are the most moderate alternative and are simplest to keep up since they don't have apparatuses and stuns. There are particular BMX models for hustling, bouncing and free-form traps, yet in the event that you're searching for a basic bicycle just to journey around the area, a BMX bicycle could be a decent decision. Costs for a decent BMX bicycle begin around $225.

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